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Complete suite of Mac Native Uninstaller tool

  So what’s on RemoveX — Fastest Uninstaller for Mac? Let’s take a look. RemoveX is a Native MacOS app, and have an Intuitive UI/UX. I. Native application: Native Mac application provides a faster and seamless performance. II. Quickly to search app: It is easy to search for whatever app you have. Fastest Search on RemoveX. III. Detect on app running: App is running? Not a problem. RemoveX is intelligent enough to let you know. Just select and uninstall it. RemoveX can detect App is running or not !? IV. Find related files in seconds: RemoveX will help to scan every corner of your Mac to find related files. You just select the file you want to delete. Redundant files were detected by RemoveX. V. Multiple app selection: Just select a bunch of apps you would like to remove and delete. Multiple app selected on RemoveX. RemoveX   is free and will be free forever as a Fastest Uninstaller for Mac, but we are very happy if you purchase a license to support develop it. RemoveX website:  https:/

RemoveX | Fatest Uninstaller for Mac

  Dear all folks, Let me introduce RemoveX software to you. RemoveX - Fastest Uninstaller for Mac What is RemoveX? RemoveX is an uninstaller tool for MacOS. RemoveX is an native, intuitive UI and lightweight app. RemoveX works offline, and respect your data. RemoveX works on both Apple Chip and Intel Chip. Why RemoveX? The reason I made RemoveX is very simple. I am developer and I love to build software for everyone to use. For sure, I also use AppCleaner tool as uninstaller tool because it is totally free. But I do not like their UI and it can not select multiple apps at one-time so I make RemoveX just as easy. I have tried different free or paid tools before, of course, like you, but do you really want to spend more money to buy a complex application with a lot of features you rarely use or do not understand why it exists? Anything else? RemoveX has a free version forever. Please feel free to ask any questions, make a suggestion or request a feature, you can send an email to  steph